About Us

About us

Fishe and Lilly was created in 2021 to provide stylish and high quality furniture to families like ours who wanted to create a unique looking home.

We’re a family business run by the two heads of our household. My wife calls me Fishe, and I call her Lilly. 

The problem we’re solving

Like most young families, our home was filled with uninspiring particleboard furniture. Our home looked like everyone else’s, and we didn’t like that.

We wanted our home to feel uniquely ours.

We couldn’t afford real wood furniture from local stores, so we purchased secondhand furniture and picked it up ourselves. We spent hours picking the best things we could find from rummage sales, flea markets, and vintage shops.

But as our children grew, it became impractical to spend our weekends finding secondhand furniture for our home. We needed a new solution.

We contacted furniture wholesalers, manufacturers, and importers in the UK, and what we found surprised us: there are beautiful things available if you know where to look!

Now we offer our favorite items directly to our customers via our UK based office and warehouse. This saves the cost of an import/export agent, a wholesale showroom, a wholesale warehouse, a retail store, their warehouse, and the cost of delivery.

Everything on our site comes from the manufacturer to our warehouse to you, so you get quality furniture for less than the price of a traditional retailer.

Better together

Buying furniture is a big deal. We keep it a long time and we see it every day. So, when we choose something new to put into our home, we choose it together.

We use the discussions we’ve had in creating our own space to decide what we sell at Fishe and Lilly. We think about how each item would look in our own home before we offer it to you, and we’ve written about these discussions in our online journal so you can see how we curated our selection.

Each space is unique, and the best space for your family is the one you build together. 

Our commitment to you

Before we were shopkeepers, we were customers. We used what we learned to make the experience of shopping with us as enjoyable as possible.

We do our best to promote items that are in stock instead of asking you to wait weeks for them to arrive. We offer live phone support, email, and chat, and we really want to hear from you (our customers have given us some of our best ideas!)

We want you to love what you purchase from us, which is why we offer a 30D return policy: if you don’t love it, we’ll collect it from you free of charge. Take a look at our TrustPilot reviews for verified reviews from our real customers.

Thanks for shopping with us today, we really appreciate your business, and we hope you like what you see.