8 Unmissable Tips from Experts when Designing your Bedroom

The Bedroom is the core of your home and it pays a crucial part in your wellbeing, so its design is very important.

According to Marry Maden, the founder of Maden Architects, for most people the bedroom represents an oasis where they can escape from the rigors of their busy life and unwind. You want it to be soothing yet empowering.

To achieve this harmonious diversity, you need to do some mindful selection and arrangement of interior design elements. It requires the artistry of choosing the right furniture and then integrating other design elements around it. But where do you start when designing your bedroom?

The best way to start designing your bedroom is to decide on an overall design style or simply look for some online inspiration (we’ve got some for you below!) This will assist you in making decisions about color palettes, furniture choices, and accessories.

Recently John Lewis gave a statement that according to their sales data they have found some distinctly different styles and tastes are being followed in UK homes. In this post, we’ve gathered some expert tips for you. Following them will help you buy the right furniture for your bedroom, and implement some creative interior design ideas to get the bedroom design of your dreams!

1. How to Choose the Right Colours for your Bedroom

The first and most important thing to choose while designing your bedroom is a color scheme, just like the designers do.

Peniche-Williams of DAF House says decide the mood or tone you want to set in your bedroom and then choose a color that reflects that feeling. Don't be afraid to use strong colors, but in case you want to keep your bedroom walls in neutral color then you can hang some bright artwork on your walls to add visual interest.

If adding a painting/artwork is not your priority, don’t worry. There are more effective ways to add a pop of colors to your bedroom. Like making an accent wall, whether with a wallpaper or painting it in a bold color. Or, simply forget your walls, and add color by painting an old piece of furniture in your bedroom a fun color (upcycling is so in these days).

2. Choose the right size of furniture for your bedroom

Always start out with accurate measurements and the floor plan of the room when buying bedroom furniture. Furniture must fit the room it lives in—this is particularly true for bedroom furnishings. Don't pick a heavy, huge bed or wardrobe for a small bedroom. Opt for standard-size furniture which ideally fits in today’s domestic spaces.

For a medium sized bedroom, take a look at our Walnut Mid Century Modern Chest of Drawers. The rich walnut finish looks great against a neutral or bold colored wall.

Similarly, if your bedroom is large, choose furniture that fits a larger area. Furniture and accessories which might be too small will look misplaced in a huge room. Try our Large Oak Chest of Drawers with 8 Drawers, or contact us by email or phone to discuss our well priced bespoke options.

3. Buy versatile, adaptable bedroom furniture

The pandemic has bought a great interest in homeowners to spruce up their spaces, mainly because of work from home. According to research, in the last year, the UK spent approximately £15 million on furniture.

Whether you need furniture for working from home or just want to implement a style in your interior space, choose multifunctional furniture as it is going to be a key design element in the years ahead as more of us escape the office for good.

Buy desks that can be alternatively used as dressing tables, like our Writing Desk with 2 Drawers and Oak Finish. This means that your work can be hidden at the end of the day, enabling you to create an effective balance between your work life and personal life.

4. Get Quality Bedroom Storage Units

To create a sanctuary in your bedroom, you need to keep your bedroom space neat and tidy. Try to declutter your spaces as much as you can.

So in your bedroom furniture, besides picking the right bed, you also need to give special attention to bedroom storage. You might not think of a storage solution as a thing of beauty, but if you choose the right pieces you can get beauty and function.

Try our spacious Small White Chest of Drawers for example. This storage pick not only provides you adequate storage to hide away clutter but also enhances your space with its contemporary style and brass inlay.

5. What to put on your bedside table

Your bedside table is one of the most important elements of your bedroom. Try to opt for a bedside table with a drawer which will help reduce clutter. For example, our popular round bedside table with drawer.

Round Bedside Table with Drawer in Walnut Finish

Some subtle décor on the bedside table relevant to the color scheme will help to elevate the overall look. Pick a beautiful and stylish table lamp, a clock, with any other personal item you need to place on the bedside table .

Remember, function should always be done in a style!

6. Create Ambiance with Layered Bedroom Lighting

According to the advice of bedroom lighting expert Joanna Spindler at Graham & Green, a bedroom is a place in our home where we can make the most of the eclectic lighting design because this is the room where we really lie back and gaze up.

Create diversity with 3 layers of lighting. Besides general lighting which illuminates the whole bedroom evenly, use table and floor lamps as a task light for activities that require extra light, like reading.

Try our extendable industrial lamp and make your working hours easy. Its unique and practical design will allow you to focus its light where you need it to be.

Lastly, add a third layer of lighting which is Accent/decorative lighting. It is used to highlight specific areas like artwork, feature wall, or plants while keeping the source hidden.

Following these lighting techniques in your bedroom can mean a difference between a sleep space that’s so-so and one that is stylish and sophisticated.

7. Get posh with a piece of luxury bedroom furniture

We all love the ambiance of Hotel rooms: all the glitz, glamour, and swank that make them look extra-special.

Most of us want to bring some of that vibe to the home. Remember, that if you want your home’s interior to match the best, then you should invest in the best furnishings and do a mindful selection of décor accessories like mirrors, wall scones, and planters.

As designer Doris Roberts says, strategically place mirrors in your space, hang them on a desk to make a makeshift vanity, or place a large gold full length mirror in the corner of the room. Mirrors can add a level of sophistication to any room and make the space look spacious and larger than its actual size.

8. Create that Private Bedroom Nook

Instead of hiding away the corner space in your bedroom, utilize it and turn it into a focal point. Give yourself a special treat by creating a comfortable place in your bedroom corner, where you can relax and enjoy reading your favorite book. All it takes to create this intimate reading or lounging area is a comfortable chair and footstool.

Try out our Light blue accent chair to get the best experience of comfort and aesthetics simultaneously.

Further, accentuate this corner by adding some décor elements to it. Like add a planter behind the chair, a coffee table beside it, and a floor lamp to add a warm glow to the corner.

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